Ask Dr. Lens: Vitamin D in Skincare

“I am proud of our pioneering use of vitamin D in skincare. Vitamin D has so many benefits for the skin, since it helps strengthen the skin barrier, build skin’s resilience and protect it against external factors and stress”
- Dr. Marko Lens

Here, Dr. Lens shares his knowledge on everything you need to know about vitamin D and it’s role in skincare.

Q: Why do you use provitamin D3 and what does it do?
DR. LENS: It protects the immune system of the skin because it promotes the production of antimicrobial peptides in the skin, and at the same time, is involved in the activity of Langerhans cells, which represent the immune system of the skin. Vitamin D also reinforces skin barrier function, and promotes keratinocyte (type of skin cell) proliferation, which is very important in the skin renewal process.

Q: What is the role of the skin's immune system?
DR. LENS: The skin’s immune system does the same as your overall immune system; it protects the skin against environmental factors that disturb and affect the skin negatively.

Q: How does vitamin D strengthen the skin barrier?
DR. LENS: Vitamin D s a lipid molecule and thus it replenishes lipids of the skin. It also enhances the production of structural proteins and ceramides which are essential for lipid barrier formation.

Q: Who should be using vitamin D topically?
DR. LENS: Anyone can use vitamin D topically. I always say that with the way we live our lives, our barrier function is always exposed to pollutants and so vitamin D can only help.

Q: Should one use vitamin D in their skincare all year around, or is it especially recommended for certain seasons?
DR. LENS: It can be used all year around. In the winter months the skin becomes drier, so vitamin D can be especially beneficial to replenish the moisture in the skin, but it really is a product to use all year round.

The vitamin D collection features a powerhouse trio of products, each of which has been supercharged with provitamin D3 to fortify, strengthen and soothe skin.

Discover the NEW Emulsion D Fortifying Moisturiser and the original Power D Vitamin D Concentrate and Provitamin D3 Fortifying Mist, which have both had formula upgrades to be more potent than ever.


A hydrating and fortifying mist that reinforces skin barrier function, helps protect from environmental aggressors and comforts the skin while supporting its natural recovery capacity. In this new formula, among others, Dr. Lens has added chicory root to boost the vitamin D like effect, hyaluronic acid to boost moisture and hydration, yeast to provide protection, almond esters to soften and increase moisture and panthenol (Vitamin B5), which is an excellent emollient with soothing properties.


A high-potency provitamin D3 concentrate that’s been enriched with replenishing lipids and infused with a proprietary complex of botanicals. This fortifying and restoring concentrate helps to strengthen skin’s natural barrier, build its resilience and protect against environmental aggressors.

Dr. Lens reformulated Power D with 2.5 times more vitamin D than the previous formula to make this more potent than ever. In addition to other ingredients, a proprietary botanical blend of 6 planT extracts rich in vitamin D; reishi mushroom, lichen, white mushroom, shiitake and plankton have been added, alongside plant fatty acids; almond, olive and linseed oil which deeply nourish skin.


A strengthening and moisture-replenishing emulsion formulated with provitamin D3, phytosterols and vegetable lipids. This velvety smooth moisturiser fortifies skin’s natural battier and helps soothe skin while promoting a healthy appearance.

In addition to Provitamin D3, Dr. Lens formulated this new moisturiser with ceramides to improve skin hydration and reduce transepidermal water loss, prebiotics and probiotics to rebalance and maintain healthy skin flora and phospholipids which are natural skin-identical ingredients that repair, moisturise and protect.


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