Introducing the latest addition to our Vitamin D Collection; Emulsion D. “Lightweight yet strengthening, this moisturiser is a new addition to our vitamin D series of products. It soothes, calms and protects from environmental factors while strengthening the skin.” – Dr. Marko Lens

Read on to find out more from Dr. Lens on this new moisturiser launch.

Q: Why did you create Emulsion D?
DR. LENS: Power D quickly became one of our bestsellers when we launched it. We soon added a vitamin D mist, and adding this moisturiser now helps you create more of a routine.

Q: Who is Emulsion D for? Are there any skin types who need to avoid it?
DR. LENS: It’s for people who simply want to fortify the skin and strengthen the barrier. It’s suitable for all skin types, especially for compromised and vulnerable skin.

Q: What are the key ingredients in Emulsion D?
DR. LENS: Provitamin D of course, ceramides, vitamin F, phospholipids and glycolipids. These all reinforce skin barrier function.

Q: What are the main benefits of Emulsion D?
DR. LENS: Fortifies skin’s natural barrier, protects from environmental stressors and helps to soothe and calm the skin.

Q: How should you use Emulsion D?
DR. LENS: You can use it as a daily moisturiser, morning and evening, alongside any other products in your routine.

Q: How would you describe the texture of Emulsion D?
DR. LENS: It’s a beautiful thick emulsion, which easily spreads into a lightweight moisturiser.

Q: Why do you use Provitamin D3 and what does it do?
DR. LENS:  It protects the immune system of the skin because it promotes the production of antimicrobial peptides in the skin, and at the same time, is involved in the activity of Langerhans cells, which represent the immune system of the skin. Vitamin D also reinforces skin barrier function and promotes keratinocyte (type of skin cell) proliferation, which is very important in the skin renewal process.

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