New: Omega Shiso Replenishing Serum

Introducing the new Omega Shiso Replenishing Serum – an advanced concentrated serum formulated with an exclusive enzymatically activated Shiso ( perilla) oil. Rich in OMEGA 3-6-9, ceramides, Vitamin F and antioxidants that work in synergy to instantly replenish the skin with essential naturally occurring lipids. Omega Shiso provides instant moisture, revives skin comfort and helps restore the skins natural barrier. Skin feels soft, supple and smoothed.

Omega Shiso

Q: What was the inspiration for Omega Shiso? Was it ingredient-led, a customer request, skin concern?
DR. LENS: "In creating Omega Shiso Replenishing Serum I was inspired by one of my favourite plants- Shiso (Perilla). This wonderful plant demonstrates strong antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, detox and anti-allergic bioactivities.

However, in developing Omega shiso I was focused on the oil derived from shiso seeds because Shiso (Perilla) oil is the richest vegan source of omega 3. I did not want to use a simple Shiso oil and I went to create a special derivate of Shiso oil by using a technology of enzymatic activation. I also added other ingredients to the formula in order to develop an exceptional lipid-replenishing serum.

Omega Shiso was created as a result of my passion for Shiso and advanced biotechnology research with an aim to offer our customers an excellent source of omega 3-6-9 for topical use."

Omega Shiso

Q: What is the Phytocomplex? How does this benefit the skin?
DR. LENS: "The key ingredient in Omega Shiso is an exclusive Omega Shiso Phytocomplex containing enzymatically activated Shiso (Perilla) oil. The biotechnology of enzymatic activation of Shiso oil makes it possible to release all the energy trapped in this vegetable oil and stored in the shiso plant as triglycerides. The process allowed us to hydrolyze the triglycerides and obtain a new phytocomplex made up of fatty acids and glycerides that are bioavailable to skin cells. Omega Shiso Phytocomplex is absorbed more quickly than a simple non-activated oil. This phytocomplex moisturises the skin without making it greasy, replenishes lost lipids, reinforces skin barrier function, soothes distressed skin and promotes skin elasticity and smoothness."

Q: Can you tell us a bit more about other key ingredients?
DR. LENS: "Other key ingredients of Omega Shiso are: phytosterols (plant sterols), ceramide NS, glycosphingolipids, squalene, phospholipids, beta-sitosterol and lecithin. Structurally similar to skin’s natural lipids, these ingredients moisturise skin, reduce water loss, strengthen natural barrier function and soothes the skin."

Q: What skin type/concern is this product best suited for?
DR. LENS: “Omega Shiso is suitable for all skin types. It is an excellent choice for skin that needs repair and revival.”

Q: This product compliments Power D, can you tell us more about this?
DR. LENS: “Power D concentrate contains high amounts of provitamin D3 that help strengthens the skin’s natural barrier, build its resilience, and protect the skin against environmental aggressors and stressed conditions. When you need to fortify and restore the barrier function, particularly when the skin is compromised and stressed, I highly recommend combining Power D with Omega Shiso. There are two ways to use this combination - you can either first apply a few drops of Power D to your skin and then use Omega Shiso or you can mix a few drops with Omega Shiso and apply them together.”

Omega Shiso

Q: Are there any other products you would recommend using with Omega Shiso?
DR. LENS: “With Omega Shiso I highly recommend the following regime. First, use Shiso Balm to wash your skin and remove impurities, then mist your skin with Provitamin D, apply a few pumps of Omega Shiso and complete the treatment with Emulsion D moisturiser. This lipid-replenishing and moisturising regime will restore and reinforce lipid barrier function while leaving skin soft, supple, and soothed.”

Omega Shiso Routine

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