The Zelens 2023 Gift Guide

It’s that time of year again to start ticking off all the gifts on your list, while adding some inspiration to your own skincare Wishlist. We’re excited to introduce you to our best skincare gifts for 2023 

Making it easy for you to find the perfect beauty gift with our four gift guides; New to SkincareGet the GlowAge Repair and our Men’s Skincare Edit. We’ve carefully curated simple routines and thoughtful stocking filler ideas they’ll love all year round.  

New to Skincare  Zelens Skincare Gift Guide for those New to Skincare

These are the best gifts if they’re new to skincare or want to try our Zelens essentials. Elevate their routine with some of our award-winning favourites and bestselling luxury formulas. They’ll love using these in their routine and adding to their kit.  

Including Shiso Balm, for a liquid-balm cleanser that gently, yet effectively, cleanses and purifies without stripping the skin of any natural moisture. An everyday essential for the skincare lover’s kit. Leaving skin smooth, soft and radiant, while removing all traces of make-up and dirt.  

Power C for powerful antioxidant protection against free radicals- which can damage the skin and cause signs of premature skin ageing. The glow-giver in our Powers Alphabet, Power C helps promote collagen production for firmer, younger-looking skin. Plus brightening the skin for a radiant, even skin tone.  

Emulsion D is our bestselling every day, lightweight moisturising formula. With Provitamin D3 to help strengthen the skin barrier to help protect against environmental aggressors. Ideal for all skin types all year round, leaving skin soft and healthy-looking.  

The most important step of anyone’s morning skincare routine is SPF. We recommend our Daily Defence Sunscreen SPF 30 for broad-spectrum protection. A lightweight, velvet-touch fluid that applies seamlessly. As well as protecting against sun damage, Daily Defence Sunscreen contains antioxidants for free radical protection and reinforces the skin barrier function.  


Get the Glow  

Zelens Skincare Gift Guide for Glowing Skin

Let them unwrap radiant skin with our favourite formulas for enhancing your glow. Perfect for pamper time, making these ideas as ideal for a night in as prepping your skin for a night out. We think they’ll love these formulas for nourished, energised and luminous skin.  

Glacier Foam gently renews skin for clearer, smoother and revived skin. Formulated with succinic acid and fruit enzymes to refresh skin. Effectively removing all pollution, make-up, dirt and excess oil.  

Instant Recharge is Dr. Lens’ must-have for radiant skin. Apply just before a special occasion for an instant energy boost and glowing skin. Or, when you want a moment of indulgence to revitalise skin and enhance moisture.   

Lumino helps to even skin tone and brighten for a more luminous complexion. Plus with added niacinamide, Lumino leaves skin smoother and helps control excess oil.  

Acqua Shiso is a superior hydrating gel, fortified with hyaluronic acid. Providing instant, long-lasting hydration for refreshed, plumped and dewy skin. Making it the ideal base for following with your make-up routine.  


Age Repair  

Zelens Skincare Gift Guide for Age Repair

These ideas are made for moments of indulgence they’ll love adding to their routine. Focusing on targeting visible signs of ageing with high-tech ingredients developed by Dr. Lens. Perfect together as a routine or on their own to supercharge their results, these formulas work together to leave skin smoother, plump and visibly younger.  

We recommend Shiso Balm, for a gentle cleanse. Leaving skin soft, moisturised and radiant. Shiso oil also reinforces skin’s natural barrier and shows strong restructuring, repairing and healing qualities. Make time for relaxation as you massage the liquid-balm cleanser into skin and watch it transform into a milk when mixed with water.  

Power A is our potent vitamin A concentrate with a combined retinol concentrate of 1%. A must-have for any age repair routine, Power A reduces the appearance of visible signs of skin ageing such as fine lines, wrinkles, dark spots and uneven skin tone. While refining and smoothing skin texture for visibly younger and smoother looking skin.  

Youth Intelligence is Power A’s perfect partner for defying signs of ageing. Based on the Nobel Prize winning research on the role of telomeres (the cells’ biological clock) in skin ageing. This concentrate plumps and lifts the skin while reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Promoting firmness and elasticity for nourished, smoother, younger-looking skin.  

3T Complex is our multi-benefit moisturising formula with a blend of botanicals, algae and herbal oils to target visible signs of ageing. This is one of our richer creams for intense hydration, promoting suppleness, firmness and elasticity. Skin is left feeling soft, smoother and younger-looking.  


Men’s Edit  

Zelens Skincare Gift Guide for Men

This gift selection is full of multi-tasking skincare heroes they’ll use in their everyday routine. Featuring some Zelens essentials and formulas ideal for men’s skin, including moisture enhancing, barrier-strengthening and antioxidant protection in light textures.  

Glacier Foam is an ideal effective cleanse, removing pollution and excess oil for clearer, brighter skin. Plus, Glacier Foam can double up as a shaving foam- just apply a couple of pumps of foam as you would your regular shaving foam.  

Power E is our moisturising and soothing Power. Nourishing skin by replacing lost moisture and providing antioxidant protection against free radical damage. While reducing visible damage caused by oxidative damage. A lightweight serum you can use morning and evening all year round.  

Emulsion D is an ideal moisturiser for all skin types. A lightweight, soft cream that melts easily into skin. Strengthening skin’s natural barrier, which helps shield skin from the damage caused by environmental aggressors, such as pollution, which can show as dryness, redness or sensitivity. While helping to soothe and calm skin for a hydrated and healthy complexion.  

The final step in any morning routine is SPF, and we’ve picked Daily Defence Sunscreen SPF 30. He’ll enjoy using this formula all year long as it’s lightweight, hydrating and easy to apply without feeling heavy or showing a white cast. Providing broad-spectrum UVA and UVB protection to protect and repair skin, preventing visible sun damage.  

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